Mayne, Paul W

11th Baltic Sea Geotechnical Conference, Gdansk, Poland (2008)


ABSTRACT: Site investigations for ports, bridges, and offshore facilities benefit from the use of piezocone tests in the field exploration program since multiple continuous readings with depth are obtained by the soundings. The interpretation of the piezocone resistances is discussed in context with geostratigraphy and the interpretation of strength parameters needed in geotechnical design.
All three piezocone readings can be used to  advantage in profiling site conditions and soil
properties. The classical method  of directly assessing undrained shear strength of clays can
alternately be directed at a stress history approach using either  critical state soil mechanics or
normalized strength ratios which (su/σvo') to overconsolidation ratio (OCR). Case studies involving an offshore site and two nearshore sites with port expansions are presented in this context. 

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