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Ortigao, Beto, PhD


Phone: +55-21-2486 3386

Email: ortigaoATterratek.com.br



2002 Visiting Professor, UWS University of Western Sydney, Australia

1998 Visiting Fellow, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

1996-1997 Visiting Fellow, Department of Building and Construction, City University of Hong Kong

1991-1992 Visiting Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Canada

1982-1983 Attached research engineer at the offshore section of the Building Research Establishment, UK

1980, PhD, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

1975, MSc, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

1971, BSc in Civil Engineering, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


CEO Terratek Ltd.
Av Érico Veríssimo 901 / 302, 22621-180 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Career History


1981-2003 Associate Professor School of Engineering, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

1978-1981 Assistant Professor, idem


2000- CEO, Terratek Ltd, main projects related to soil in situ testing and interpretation of soil and rock properties; soil and rock instrumentation and monitoring of the behaviour, dynamic monitoring of large structures, geotechnical design and consultancy. Projects completed in the following countries: Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Hong Kong and Malaysia

1985-1988 Sr Geotechnical Engineer, Sondotecnica SA, Rio de Janeiro, involved in marine geotechnics

1983-1984 Attached engineer of Fugro Ltd, UK, working on geotechnical studies for several offshore platforms in the North Sea and Mediterranean, including: Ula, Montanazo, Gannet, Morecambe, Indefatigable, Leman, etc.

1974-1980 Research Engineer and Section Head of the Research Programme on Embankments on Soft Ground, involving construction of fully instrumented trial embankments on clay

1974 Staff engineer, Proenge Engineering, working on the design of embankments on soft foundations

1971-1974 Assistant engineer at Sanurb Engineering, Rio de Janeiro, working on the construction of canals and other reclamation works



1.Site investigation to determine tailings properties, clients: CVRD, RPM, Antamina, Alumar and others

2. Design and construction of a trial embankment on tailings, RPM mine

3. Review and sign-off reports: Mina do Ouro Dam and Soledade dam in Brazil, new crusher at SPCC Southern Peru Copper Corp

4. Dam instrumentation and analysis: Areal, Queimado, Aimorés, Morro do Ouro, Rio do Peixe and other dams

5. Consultant to mine expansion project (foundation dynamics and rock foundation behaviour): RPM mine

6. Dynamic loading tests for large structures at CVRD TubarĂ o Harbour and Mosquito bridge

1988-1985 Sr Geotechnical Engineer, Sondotecnica SA, Rio de Janeiro, involved in marine geotechnics


1981 Consultant to Dolphin Engineering Ltd, providing geotechnical assessment and reports on the stability of the excavations for Angra II nuclear power plant, Rio de Janeiro

1989 Consultant to Mercantil International Ltd for the design of the Porto Sino Marina, Paraty, RJ

1988-1990 Consultant to PetrobrĂ ÂĄs, the Brazilian State Oil Company for the design and construction of a major breakwater on poor ground conditions in north Brazil

1990-1991 Consultant to Multiservice Engineering Ltd for the design reclamation works, bridge foundations and levees on soft foundations around Guanabara Bay, and a 15 km sewage pipeline project in Bahia, Brazil, which included: foundations of the pump house, auxiliary structures, jetty and 5 km offshore pipeline

1992-1994 Consultant to the BrasĂ­lia Metro Company working as design reviewer and consultancy during constructions for all geotechnical aspects: 6.5 km tunnelling in soft soils, foundations of 33 train stations, slope stability, 4 km of slurry walls, 5 bridges, and other minor structures

1992-1999 Consultant to GeoRio for implementation data analysis of an automatic remote raingauge and slope instrumentation system on several slopes in Rio de Janeiro

1993- Consultant to Ambiental Engineering for the design of landfills around the Guanabara Bay and environment risk assessment studies for Angra dos Reis Nuclear Powerplant

Design of several soil nailing walls in SĂ o Paulo, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, clients: Este Engineering, Rimobloco and Reforça Engineering, Genco Engineering Ltd, Prensa Engineering Ltd and GeoRio

1996 Consultant to the Covanca Tunnel in Rio de Janeiro for the replacement of the steel mesh by a fibre reinforced shotcreted lining

1997-1998 Consultant to the National Highways Department for slope stability and 80 km long soft soils problems of BR 101 SC Motorway

1999 Consultant to the Minas Gerais State Highways Department for slope stability in phyllites residual soils and bridge approaches on soft soils

2000 Design reviewer to the Highways Department Studies and Design Department for the duplication BR 101 SC - RS Motorway, some 150 km long

2000-2002 Consultant to Insitutek Venezuela CA, Caracas, for several projects relatively to real time monitoring of structures and slopes and stabilisation works

2001-2002 Consultant to the Mop Ministry of Public Works of Ecuador, working on the investigation of huge landslides and stabilisation in the Andes

2001 Consultant to Themag Engineering, SĂ o Paulo, for site investigation and 2D and 3D analyses of a 20 m diameter underground station for the Sao Paulo Underground, 4th line

Consultant to Queiroz GalvĂ o SA for the instrumentation and analysis of a large underground powerhouse of Queimado dam, Brazil

Consultant to Odebrecht SA for the monitoring and analysis of two large rockfill jetties for the Rio Grande Harbour, Brazil




Soil mechanics in the light of critical state theories, 1995, text-book, Balkema Publishers, Rotterdam, Holland, 299 p., www.balkema.nl

Introduçào à Mecânica dos Solos dos Estados Críticos, LTC Livros Técnicos e Científicos Editora (1993). (out of print)

Stability and Deformation of Embankments on Soft Clay chapter 8 of the Manual of Civil Engineering Practice, Technomic Publishing, New Jersey, USA, 1988

GeoRio Slope Manual, edited by Dr Ortigao, covering: Analysis and investigation (vol 1), Drainage and surface protection (vol 2), Walls (vol 3), Anchors and nails (vol 4), about 700 pages, published in Portuguese in 1999 by GeoRio (Rio de Janeiro Office of Geotechnical Engineering)

Ortigao J.A.R. & Sayao A.S.F.J. (Editors) (2004) Handbook of slope stabilisation, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, www.springeronline.com, 478 p



About a hundred publications, in which the highlights are:

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Ortigao J.A.R., Loures T.R.R., Nogueira C. & Alves L.S. (1997) Slope failures in Tertiary expansive OC clays, to be published in the ASCE Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, paper 013232-GT

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