Who is Who?

Marchetti, Silvano, Prof.


Phone: +39 06 303 60 107

Email: silvanoATmarchetti-dmt.it



1966Engineering Degree at Politecnico di Torino

1967 M. Sc. in Soil Mechanics at Imperial College London


University of L'Aquila, Faculty of Engineering
Full time Prof. of Soil Mechanics

Career History

1968-1969 Geotechnical Designer in the Consulting Office "Studio Geotecnico Italiano" of Prof. Jamiolkowski

1970 Assistant Prof. then Assoc. Prof. at L'Aquila University

1980 Full Time Prof. at L'Aquila University, Faculty of Engineering

1980-1981 Visiting Prof. one year teaching at University of Florida in Gainesville. Cooperation in research with Prof. Schmertmann and in his Consulting Office.


Teacher + Geotechnical Consultant. Involved in several hundred geotechnical projects



About 100 papers. The best known is: Marchetti, S. 1980. In Situ Tests by Flat Dilatometer. Journal of the Geotechn. Engineering Division, ASCE, Vol. 106, No. GT3, Proc. Paper 15290, p. 299-321. March.

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