AMS Powerprobe

For the past 60 years, AMS Inc., has been engineering, manufacturing and marketing soil, soil gas, and groundwater investigation and sampling products for disciplines ranging from agriculture to environmental, and more recently for areas of geotechnical concern.

Since 1994, AMS has been developing and improving its powerful line of AMS POWERPROBE direct push drill rigs and tooling. Over the years, the PowerProbe has developed into a dual-combination environmental and geotechnical drill rig, known for its dual capabilities of both direct push and Hollowstem augering and recognized for its power and versatility.

As direct push methods have become more established in the industry, the need for durable and versatile direct push tooling has become essential to field efficiency. Field users need fast, accurate, and real time data acquisition found in equipment like CPTu systems; therefore, AMS has made sure that its PowerProbe direct push drill rigs and tooling systems interface well with these systems.

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