Datem Ltd

Datem Ltd is a privately owned, independent company, which after more than 18 years continues to specialise in the provision of Electro-Mechanical & Software Based Design Solutions.

Our multi-disciplined engineering expertise allows us to undertake a wide range of projects, from the simplest circuit to full system control. Our core activities focus on:

- Electronic & Software Design

- Geotechnical Survey Products

- Industrial Installation & Maintenance

Datem has designed and manufactured many systems for process CPT measurements in heavy environment, including sea bottom. The list of our products includes:

- Neptune 3000 - Miniature Coiled Rod CPT System

- 2 cm Detachable Cone, 50Mpa Push Capability up to 10m Penetration from Coiled Rod

- Real-Time Control & Display Data comparable to 10cm2› Systems

- Neptune 5000 - Heavy Duty Coiled Rod CPT System

- 5 cm Digital SmartCone 70Mpa/70kN, push capability up to 15m penetration

- Real Time Control & Display

- Liquid Additive System (LAS)

- Liquid Additive System Remote Control Package

- Hydraulic Power Pack

- SmartCone Neptune 3000 MCPT Cone

- Cone De-Airing System

- Resistivity Data Acquisition System

Datem is accredited as ISO 9001:2000 compliant and as such we are committed to maintaining strict quality control measures in order to ensure the lasting performance of our products.

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