ENVI Memocone

The Memocone III is a high precision piezocone with high accuracy, developed to meet the Swedish standards for CPT, which are the most demanding in the world. It also fulfills and exceeds the highest accuracy class in the recommended test procedure for CPT-u as defined by ISSMGE 1998.

Since 1988 the cordless Memo-cone CPT-probe has been used successfully in more than 25 countries around the world and produces accurate and reliable results on the three channels; qc, fs and u. Inclination up to 20 degrees is optional. The data is measured every second. The sampling rate is normally 20 mm.

Cone Penetration Testing without a cable is a great advantage. Without cable the probe will store data in its internal memory during the penetration and also send all measured data to the surface in real time by means of sound waves in the rods. A microphone at the end of the rods picks up the readings. At the same time the diagrams of the parameters qc, fs and u are plotted on the display screen.

After recovery, the data will be read and stored in the DATA LOGGER (C-mon, D-mon with CPT software, or PC-Mon).

The newer C-mon replaces the Geoprinter 60 as data logger for the Memocone CPTU probes. The C-mon is a special version of the D-mon drill monitor, and costs less than the previous Geoprinter 60.
Optionally the PC-Mon, pc interface, can be used. Doing so a standard Windows PC together with special software can manage the task of synchronizing with the CPT probe and logging the Cone Penetration Test data. The downside is of course that a standard pc isn't as well adapted to outdoor use, but it depends on the working conditions for the case in question.

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