ENVI Memovane

The Memovane is used with protection according to European Standard for Vane Shear Test. Measuring accuracy is very high because the measurement takes place immediately above the vane, thus avoiding the influence of friction along the rods. This makes it possible to use the vane test at great depths.

The vane and the electronics are protected during push-down. 36 mm CPT-rods or any other type of rods can be used for the installation.The Memovane is connected to a portable PC and started. The time is noted. When the desired depth minus 35 cm is reached, the inner 20 mm rod is pushed 35 cm.

The Memovane electric gear box is put on and started and the time is noted again. The rate of rotation can be set between 5 and 30 degrees per minute. On the gear box is an indicator for indication of failure. The measurement of torque takes place 35 cm above the vane and the reading is stored in a memory.

After the failure, the inner rod is lifted 35 cm and the vane is again in it's protected position.

When the last vane test has been performed, the string is retracted.The Memovane is connected to the PC and all data is downloaded. The time from start is entered for each level and the PC extracts the corresponding vane data and makes a diagram of each. Data files are produced at the same time.

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