Geotech Classic Cordless

The acoustic data transmission system uses sound waves to transfer data from the probe to the surface. The sound waves travel through the steel in the rods and are received by a microphone, which is also used for pushing the rods into the ground.

The Geotech electric conductivity channel adapter is mounted on 10 or 15 cm2 CPT(U) probes. The adapter consists of an array of four ring electrodes (Wenner configuration, i.e. with equal spacing between the electrodes) and a sound transmitter. The diameter is 44 mm.

The CPT(U) probe with the electric conductivity adapter is used with the traditional Geotech cordless data transmission. The probe is pressed into the ground in the same way as other Geotech CPT probes and readings are made every second.

The Geotech seismic CPT acquisition is done with a seismic channel adapter, equipped with one, two or three accelero-meters (uni-, bi- or triaxial SCPT cones), mounted on any of the Geotech CPT(U) probes. Uniaxial SCPT soundings are carried out to determine risks of liquefaction, triaxial SCPT for the evaluation of the elastic constants (Shear modulus G0, Elasticity modulus E, Bulk modulus, Poisson\'s ratio ν, Lamé\'s constant λ), attenuation analysis.

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