van den Berg

A.P. van den Berg designs and manufactures equipment for static cone penetration testing (CPT), which is used for geotechnical soil investigation in the broadest sense.

The product line for A.P. van den Berg soil investigation equipment is varied and extensive. Often, products are developed on the basis of specific wishes expressed by the client.

The A.P. van den Berg CPT equipment complies with the ISSMGE, ASTM, DIN en NEN standards.

The CPT equipment for off-shore and nearshore soil investigation is available in capacities varying between 25-150 kN and is suitable for water depths of up to 5000 meters. The most common type is the Roson seabed penetrometer, available as 25 kN and 100 kN unit.

The CPT equipment for on-shore investigation is available in capacities varying between 10-200 kN and is available in the following configurations:

- Mini Crawlers - used usually at difficult accessible locations. With its compact dimensions is still able to perform tests with a total reaction force of about 200 kN.

- Heavy CPT crawlers are specially suited for heavy CPTs in site where maneuverability in rough or soft terrain is important or where the admissable height is limited. The crawler can be entirely adapted to your specific wishes and requirements. The length of the tracks and width of the track plates can be made to fit your needs.

- CPT Truck - an ideal vehicle to provide a quick, cost-effective mobile platform for the high-production CPT operator in geotechnical and environmental soil investigations in capacities from 140 to 230 kN. Over the years numerous custom-made CPT trucks were built and experience was acquired with many different truck types and models. The all-wheel drive 4x4 and 6x6 models have proven most popular among customers. The truck's weight is sufficient to provide the maximum pushing force eliminating the extra time and effort needed to set down reaction anchors.

- A special version of CPT Truck is Track-Truck, which combines hydraulically driven tracks on the CPT-truck providing a unique mobile vehicle on soft soil. By retracting the tracks, which are remotely controlled from the driver's cabin, the Track-Truck runs as an ordinary truck on the highway.

- Trailer-mounted penetrometr is an economic alternative to high-production machines like the truck or Track-Truck, used for work which does require a high pushing capacity. A trailer can be used as a basis for the Hyson 100 or 200 kN.

All pictures are courtesy of A.P. van den Berg BV.

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