Vertek - Hogentogler

VERTEK, a division of Applied Research Associates, Inc., has 25 years of research and development experience in building and developing new CPT technologies.

VERTEK acquired Hogentogler & Co. thus bringing together two leaders in CPT technology. VERTEK's R&D capabilities, coupled with Hogentogler's manufacturing and soil testing expertise, has helped to cement our place as one of the leading CPT companies in the world.

VERTEK - Hogentogler manufactures a full line of Cone Penetrometer platforms (tracked and wheeled), with push capacities of 8 to 40 tons that are easily upgradeable to expanded push capacities.

We have 25 years experience building CPT platforms on a multitude of different vehicles. VERTEK CPT platforms are designed and ballasted to produce the maximum safe vertical push force possible and our trucks achieve this while remaining in concordance with federal highway regulations. All VERTEK CPT platforms are equipped with a hydraulic leveling system, easy to reach controls, and trucks are available in 4 or 6 wheel drive.

VERTEK also manufactures 2 lines of CPT tools (VTK series cones & HT series cones, probes, and data acquisition systems), as well as automated dynamic cone penetrometers and samplers.

VERTEK's DataPack 2010 is a feature-packed, field portable Cone Penetrometer Technology (CPT) data acquisition and analysis package combining the capabilities of the new HT digital CPT cones, the CPT Fuel Fluorescence Detector (FFD) module, a new CPT Vision Module with UV and Visible illumination, as well as their new Percussive Capable LIF (LED induced Fluorescence) FFD probe, Seismic Cones, and other VERTEK specialized environmental probes & modules. Developed for commercial CPT service providers, the DataPack 2010 provides a simple "all-in-one" solution for a geotechnical and environmental capabilities package.

VERTEK just recently completed a rewrite of it's Hogetogler (HT series) CPT software that includes the Robertson soil classification graphs. The VERTEK VTK series CPT Datapack 2010 software is currently being rewritten and it is almost finished. It will also include the Robertson soil classification graphs.

VERTEK is currently working on a wireless CPT system that will be capable of providing real time Seismic data.

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