3Gds - Geological, Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental software

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The 3Gds is a software package composed of databases and tools for administering, analytical and presenting purposes, enabling to store data, to run their analysis and interpreting and to prepare documentation in the areas of geology, geotechnics and environmental engineering.


3Gds diagram 400.JPG 

Main features:

  • Database and network application
  • Multi-access
  • Internet Access
  • CAD type graphics
  • Flexible Borehole Log Editor

All data, results of examinations and interpretations are stored in databases. Operation controlled by SQL servers (such as ORACLE, MS SQL Server) ensures data safety, quick access and full multi-access. Data may be also accessed via Internet.
The structure of databases and related tools enable to generate databases practically of any size, the limitation is only due to the computer hardware available as well as due to the parameters and settings of the database server.

The 3Gds package is especially intended for medium and large companies composed of many co-operating branches, where geological and geotechnical documentation is prepared simultaneously by many engineers.

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