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CPT-pro - Powerful CPT graphing and interpretation software for Geotechnical Engineers

CPT-pro is a multi-module program designed for complex analysis, interpretation and presentation of CPT/DPT/SPT/SCPT soundings, and also for elaborating geotechnical documentation.

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CPTpro diagram


Methods of CPT sounding interpretation along with formulae and graphs have mostly been extracted, with the knowledge and consent of the authors, directly from the monograph of:

Lunne, T., Robertson P.K. and Powell J.J.M.Cone Penetration Testing in Geotechnical Practice. Published by Blackie Academic & Professional. 1997.

CPT-pro is provided with a number of advanced procedures facilitating and accelerating work involved in creating documentation, including:
- Macros actuated by one pushbutton, containing sequences of frequently executed procedures
- Batch processing
- Batch printing
- Templates


CPT-pro consists of five modules:

1. [CPT Explorer] for managing CPT data, containing:
- Browser with directory tree
- Project structure (tools and tree)
- Thumbnails with charts of selected parameter
- Header info with full edition of text
- Conversion to CPD format
- Quick zoom
- Inserting dynamic test DPT and SPT to CPD files
- Inserting seismic wave velocity to CPD files

2. [Interpretation] module.Main features and options of Interpretation module:
- Creation of sounding sheets with basic parameters and results of interpretation
- Import of CPT data of many different formats, including exchange formats AGS and GEF
- Import of DPT and SPT data for further analysis and interpretation
- Import of seismic wave velocity (S and P) for further analysis
- Conversion to Exchange formats AGS and GEF
- Analysis and correction of sounding results
- Batch processing
- Batch printing
- Classification and evaluation of soil parameters
- Interpretation and presentation of sounding results
- Presentation of soil samples
- Presentation of open pipe piezometers
- Export charts to DXF format
- Different unit systems   

An add-on powerful Formula Editor allows user defined interpretation functions

3. [Data Editor] for creating database containing information on User’s borehole logs and geotechnical parameters which have structure [Depth vs. Value]. All results are saved in local database, however, due to structure of Data Editor, database file can be shared  in  local network. Project  structure  included  in Data Editor enables grouping of data  sets, so data managing  is very easy and effective.
Each  log  and  parameter  should  include  co-ordinates X, Y and Z,  thus  it  can  be  automatically  presented  on  map (as  relevant  symbol with  description)  and  on  geotechnical  cross  section  generated with CPT-CAD module.

4. [CPT-CAD] for creation of geotechnical cross sections and maps. Due to implemented CAD type graphics, high quality documents may be generated easily and effectively.
Sections may contain:
- Diagrams of CPT parameters
- Diagrams of seismic wave velocity interpreted from SCPT tests in SEISMIC-pro software
- Diagrams of dynamic tests DPT and SPT
- Soil sticks with results of classification interpreted from CPTU tests
- Soil sticks based on borehole logs saved in Data Editor database
- Graphs of selected soil parameters interpreted from CPTU tests
- Graphic objects representing separate geotechnical layers and structures
Vertical and horizontal scales of sections may be different. Section line may be straight one with projections of selected tests and boreholes, as well as polyline – from point to point.
Maps may include automatically generated symbols with location of CPT tests and other objects (boreholes, dynamic tests etc.). Relevant symbols and descriptions are generated automatically, based on co-ordinates saved in CPT data files. Vector maps in DWG and DXF formats may be used as  background. All necessary CAD tools for edition of vector drawing (DWG and DXF formats) are included. Own vector maps and other CAD drawings can be easily created due to number of implemented graphic tools.

5.  [SEISMIC-pro] software allows User to filter, analyze and interpret raw data generated in seismic test SCPT, as well as to generate report with results of analysis.
The results of interpretation (values of wave velocity defined for depth intervals) can be presented as sounding logs, including the graph of function velocity vs. depth in selected vertical scale, header table with standard descriptions (date, hole name, site etc.) and company logo.
Advanced filtering procedures implemented in the software allows User to precisely select the frequency ranges depended on source of seismic waves and soil characteristics that are considered in further analysis (see below the highlighted ranges of spectrum).
Implemented multifunctional Report Editor allows to generate high quality and complex reports with header table, all selected graphs and texts.

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