Interpretation - SEISMIC-pro

SEISMIC-pro software allows User to filter, analyze and interpret raw SCPT data generated in seismic test, as well as to generate reports with results of analysis. Implemented editor of mathematical formulas (under construction) allows User to generate own interpretation formulas and calculate geotechnical parameters.

The current status of analysis can be saved in project, so the analysis of results saved in one hole (sometimes 30-40 tests) can be divided into few phases and continued any time.

The results of interpretation i.e. values of average wave velocity defined for depth intervals and calculated geotechnical parameters can be presented in reports, that include the relevant graphs of velocity of seismic waves, parameters vs. depth in selected vertical scale, header table with standard descriptions (date, hole name, site etc.) and company logo.

The results can be also saved in CSV file and easily imported to Interpretation module of CPT-pro or another software for further analysis. Particularly interesting and valuable is transfer of results of seismic analysis to Interpretation module, due to common analysis and common presentation of seismic and CPTU data as well as using Formula Editor implemented in that module to calculate values of geotechnical parameters from values of velocity of seismic wave.

SEISMIC-pro is designed as a one of modules of CPT-pro package, however, it is also available as a fully independent application.

The universal procedures implemented in the SEISMIC-pro can be used not only for files generated in SCPT test but also for other ones like SDMT (seismic dilatometer) results etc., in which the seismic wave characteristics are saved vs. time.



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