Logging - GO! by van den Berg

A.P. van den Berg develops and maintains three software packages:
- GOnsite!
- GO4!
- GOview!

These three packages together provide the necessary functionality for registration, processing, management and presentation of geotechnical measuring data. The packages are mutually connected and offer a user-friendly access to these functionalities. All three packages run under Microsoft Windows.

GOnsite! is the package for registration, storage and processing data on location. The data are presented on screen during testing operations in numerical and graphical form, and are stored in ASCII. The system can be pre-programmed with additional information like project, name of the operator, name of the client, etc. The package is standard installed on all A.P. van den Berg data acquisition systems.

GO4! is a package for data management and presentation. It enables to print the data in graphical form. It also offers the possibility to store the data in a number of different formats:
- Excel

GOview! offers a subset of the functionality of GO4! in order to facilitate the presentation of data downloaded with GO4! on an extra work station in a network. It is offered as an extra facility to GO4! and needs the databases of GO4! to function. It is therefore not possible to acquire the package separately from GO4!. It is however lower in cost than the acquisition of an extra GO4! package.

For GO4! an update is released once a year. All users that have a maintenance contract receive this new version.Each version of GOnsite! is specifically made for the hardware it is installed on. Therefore it has no yearly updates and no maintenance contract.

A.P. van den Berg has a flexible approach towards client requests for new functionalities. Custom-made solutions may be included in a software package to suit your the client's needs. We reserve the right to include such solutions in the standard package in order to facilitate maintenance and the possibility to release updates for custom-made packages.

Link to demo version of the software

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